The success of any enterprise is determined largely by suitability of its internal structure and the relationship it has with relevant institutions and customers. Key organizational issues is relate to the effectiveness of the operation supported by its management in achieving its objectives, whether operations and processes are efficient in terms of costs and time. Another important organizational issue is whether jobs within the enterprise are well described, integrated among different department and services and mandates are clearly stated.  The alignment of strategy to mission and vision of the organization is very important. Accordingly, during its establishment the Oromia Seed Enterprise (OSE) is accountable to to the Administrative Council of Oromia National Regional State (ONRS). After the establishment of Oromia Public Enterprise Supervision Authority (OPESA), OSE is accountable to OPESA  and governed by Board of Directors and General Manager who assigned by the President of the Oromia Regional State. The head quarter is located at Finfinne, the seat for the Oromia National Regional State. At present, two branches have been fully operational, one branch named as East Oromia branch and the other West Oromia branch. Other new five branches is planned to be opened at different zones based on demand and importance to represent different agro-ecologies of the region. The enterprise has both technical and administrative staffs under three departments (i.e. Production & Quality Control, Marketing and Human Resource Development & Finance Administration) and four services (Program Planning, Law, Information & Communication (IT) and Audit & Inspection).


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