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Message from Mr Kedir Nefo (General Manager)

Ethiopian Government declared recently poverty and backwardness as the critical important strategic enemies of its people and development of our country. To eradicate these enemies country wide mass movement and struggle have been carried out since it has been declared.

Through these all rounded movements, fast and sustainable economic and social growth and transformation have been registered for the last 11 years. Policies, strategies and programmes prepared and tested effectively for the last eleven years showed that the direction Ethiopian government is following is competitive and useful to lead the country economic development in the right way. The central point of this direction is it serves all people to use the result of development widely in equity manner.

Large parts of our population live in a rural area. Their life and livelihood is based on agriculture. Focusing on this part of society and economic sector is paramount to bring fundamental change and development in a sustainable manner in the country. The development and utilization of improved agricultural practices and technologies in the rural areas should get emphasis to bring continuous growth and transformation in agriculture.

The system of development and access of improved agricultural technologies and practices to farmers need to be competitive, efficient, effective and suitable to improve seed utilization of rural areas, which could bring continous faster increased productivity and production. This requires the integrate and ownness of all value chain actors and supportesrs. To access improved technologies and practices at each farmer get and improve his labor and farm producity is not an easy task. It requires special strategic approach which is called technology and best practice scaling up. This strategy cannot be achieved ubless there is commitiment from all participants, which requires fundamental attitudinal change.

The oromia government understood the scenario, took its initiative and established Oromia Seed Enterprise by regulation No. 108/2008 in order to play a significant role in seed production, processing and marketing. The end goal of this initiative is to ensure seed utilization and change in productivity of farm land of smaller holders in the region. Oromia Seed Enterprise is currently targeting seed access and utilization improvement strategies to attain its vision to be the leading seed enterprise in seed business in Africa in the next ten years.

Even though OSE was established with small capital at the initial, it has been expanding in all facet since the establishment. At present, our capital is more than 1.6 billion birr. We do have more than 1500 experienced staff in agriculture. We are striving to build modern agricultural machineries, techniques and procedures to enhance our practices become competitive in all aspects. We believe that our day to day activities and practices are our school from which innovations are emerged. If we change and learn at faster rate and in sustainable way we can adapt the changing environment and sustain our achievement to achieve our vision. Learning by doing is our motto.

  Kedir Nefo Biftu

Oromia Seed Enterprise General Manager

January , 2015  


Addis Abeba, Ethiopia Gotera Condominium, BALKER TOWER 3rd and 4th Floor


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